stock code: 300393
About Jolywood

Founded in 2008, Jolywood is a national high-tech enterprise. It was successfully listed in 2014 (stock code: 300393). The company focuses on innovative R&D and high-quality manufacturing of photovoltaic auxiliary materials, solar cell and module, system integration and other products. As the world largetst N-type bifacial solar cell and module manuacture with 3.4GW production capacity, and world largest backsheet manufacturer with 30% market share,Jolywood was awarded financial health Top3 by Photon.

  • 2.2GW

    Accumulated 2.2GW n-type bifacial cell & module shipped

  • 100GW

    Accumulated 100GW solar backsheet shipped

  • 3GW

    3GW n-type bifacial cell & module production capacity

  • 180Million m2

    Solar backsheet production capacity

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